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    Music Looking for a band (Psychedelic Rock, Brit Rock)


    I been playing guitar for 6/7 years. Here live in Nieuwegein, and looking for a band in Utrecht region. My influence is basically Pink Floyd, Cold Play, U2, The Verve and a lot more. I have a lot live playing experience and also recording experience. Also in my previous band I had a number of compositions which got released in the streamline. I play solo along with rhythm and fill-ups. I also have a number of composition on going in my home studio which are much appreciated by demo-reviewers. I am not looking for a punk/heavy/hard style band. I believe in melody and ambient sounds.

    And even you are not a full band or only one person who would to start something, you are most welcome - as I said, I have recording experience and home studio setup, I can setup a virtual jamming with drums/synth/bass from my DAW where we will be able to spend time with new creation and jamming.

    Contact - imran136@gmail.com

    Thank you.
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