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23 juli 2002, 14:59

23 juli 2002, 17:01

Forward: 'Another one bites the dust...'

Reverse: 'It's fun to smoke marijuana'

Comments: This clip is very popular, and could be an example of an accidental backmask, or could it...

Whahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! :grin: sorry maar dit vind ik echt humor!

23 juli 2002, 17:02
You may say that these songs are harmless because nobody listens to them backwards, but some psychiatrists agree that the subconscious mind can pick up these backward messages and if you listen to them enough, they become embedded in your subconscious mind. These tracks may or may not have been deliberately altered, but the fact is that the backward lyrics are undeniably fitting to what they sound like. If they are, why would the artists put these messages in to their songs, and why do they have to be satanic, why can't they be something moral such as 'be good to your friends'?. Backmasking in tracks is not the only evidence of evil in everyday life. Subliminal messaging also exists...


23 juli 2002, 17:14
Mooi heh :smile:
Vooral "Stairway" is gaaf. :grin: