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11 juni 2002, 20:31
Hierbij het artikel, zoals ik die ook gepost heb in de nieuwsgroep Alt.Guitar.Amps.

Ter uwe informatie:

I must share this with the AGA group!

Some days ago, I noticed someone selling some Echolette stuff. While reading
the advert, I remembered
that LV wrote a thrilled message a long time ago about the Echolette S or is
it 5 (tape echo)?
So I decided to react. I wrote him back that I could'nt afford it, but if he
wanted to sell cheap, I was the man.

He replied, and said listening is free and he didnt know what it would be

A few days later he placed a different ad. with only mentioning the
Echolette S, for 200 Euro (that is $200 US
too). Someone quickly posted a 100 Euro bid on the complete set. Well, if we
were going this low.. I raised to
250 Euro.
He replied to me saying that I could get the whole bunch for 350 Euro. Deal!

I went to his place yesterday. In his livingroom were two bass guitars
standing and one Strat. One of the bass
guitars was a Fender Mustang, for sale too. After drinking some coffee we
went to his garage. Quite a mess
it was, but so what?
In one corner he had standing a Peavey Deuce, he said he loved that amp.
Then he showd the Echolette, a wonder-
ful tape echo. As well the M100 and the S had a small scratch on the copper
front. A scratch from probably a plug
or something. Front still shining, my hair was ok. So visual is above 9.

He turned on the amp en tape echo. The echo has an eye showing the warmup
period, lovely. It has one EM84, three
ecc83 and one ecc82 tube. Don't know if they are that old too, but I got
five Telefunken (Philips) tubes for free. Anyway,
the inside was pretty dusty. Tape looks good, sounds good too, when turning
up the amp loud you can hear the tape hiss,
but I suppose that is what they do. Got another tape too. This thing is
heavy by the way.
The echo can be played standalone, with a switch on the inside. It should be
less noisy, and way better, but I don't feel
like experimenting, he said he forget most of the options by time. This
thing is from between '62 and '67.
There is a print on the inside: "Achtung! Bei Betrieb mit Verstarker M40
muss mit Pfeil markierter Pegelregler geschlossen
sein!". Yeah ... sure ... I saw on Melmusic's website in Australia, that
they sell manuals for this echo. Gonna buy one this
evening :smile:

The amp (M100) is even more heavy. I am happy those two are seperated! This
amp is even more dusty then the tape echo.
It has four inputs, with a DIN plug (looks like a MIDI cable) you can
connect it to the tape echo. Inside the perfect box are
four tubes. At least an Ecc82 and a 83, dunno what the others are. For all
the four inputs is only one treble and bass section
available, but on the inside there is a thumbwheel for some tweaking. Lol,
weird old stuff.

He played, I loved it. He said he was only a spare-time player. Doing
parties and weddings, playing the old stuff like the
Shadows. He was quite thrilled that I was so young (he was around 50, I am
only 22), and kept repeating that he couldn't
believe I was so interested in this old stuff.
I told him that if he stays by the price i'd take it home. He had an
Echolette LE-4 cabinet that belongs to this amp, it has two,
I think 12", speakers. They are the alnico type: heavy. Three tweeters in
the middle of the cabinet, this would actually be a
cabinet for vocals. If anyone knows how much watt this cabinet can handle?
The guy used two cabinets to drive the amp, I
don't know if this cabinet only will handle the 60W tube power...

The friendly guy had some more to show me. He had another tape echo, a Korg
.. something I forget. When searching Ebay
you can find some too. It looked like an old record player, like a box
whitch has to be openend. Man, even in its orgininal
box. Not a scratch! Sold for $500 US. Would be picked up this evening.
Under another box there was a 8 channel, 400 watt Bose mixer. Simple but
working. I began wondering why he is selling this
all: he claims he can't play anything forever. Perhaps he is right.

I'll be putting pictures, and hopefully some decect, audio clips online next
week or so. I think I'll be pretty busy following weeks.

Thanks for reading!



Peter, mocht je dit lezen: d'r komt nog een taart je kant op..