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4 november 2004, 18:46
hi my dutch friends, itīs bob from oosterijke ;-)

i donīt really understand a lot of dutch but fortunately i was able to read something like ..gilbert.....guitar contest...backing track etc.
so, i also wanna take part in that contest and hope somebody can tell me how:


that is my version and i hope u like it out there!

peace, love and good happiness stuff and feel free to visit my website at www.bobzabek.com and/or write me an e-mail ;-)

tot ziens and dui.


4 november 2004, 19:13
F*cking Awesome! 8-)

The clean stuff in the end is wicked!

Your tone's got loads of gain but somehow it remains fresh and dynamic. Cool melodies and great chops. All vey vivid 8).

What's been said @ 1:26 ?



4 november 2004, 19:26
Hey dude,

great stuff, my English isn't that good, so i hope that someone else can tell you the contest-rules.


5 november 2004, 08:57
Yo Bob,

Amazing stuff!! Kick-ass tone.

Your technique is great.

:cool: :cool:

5 november 2004, 12:12
hi wouter & co.

thanx a lot for reaction-really appreciate that!
well...at 1:26, i got no clue(unfortunately), everything i know is that i have approx. 8GB of just indian sound samples...vocal, loops,etc..and that this phrase is "indian" but strangewise somehow makes sense in german also lol...so, i hope itīs not offending in any way ;-)

peace out

bob"still-lookin-4-someone-2-explain-the-contest-rulez" Z.

thx :roll:

5 november 2004, 12:37
Hey Bob very nice recording man, i also like the recording you did with Wouter a while ago 8-)

About the contest rules:

- Record some wicked ass guitarextravaganza over the backing that has been provided for this contest. There has to be a somewhat of a recognizeable theme , other than that you're free to do whatever you want with it.

Unfortunately Paul Gilbert can't listen to ALL of the recordings so there is a pre-selection jury ( consisting of gitaarnet forum members who aren't participating in the contest ) The pre-selection jury will choose 10 of the best recordings and these will be sent to Paul Gilbert.

(sorry for the bad english, just had an overdose of SQL )

5 november 2004, 12:54
to use the words of "my friend" jimi hendrix:

...i see there we meet again!!!!

thanx for taking time and translating the rulez, somebody of the gitaarnet.nl crue called ido was so kind to inform me a couple of minutes ago that i am now officially taking part in the contest so

have a nice day man and what the hell is "SQL"?!
i for sure know what an overdose is but never heard about that, and another thing: your english is damn good so no need to feel sorry

keep rockin


5 november 2004, 13:01
welcome to the contest! nice chops.

sql means: Structured Query Language and it is used to get data from a database system.

did you use keyboards for the accompaniment, or is that some sort of effect

6 november 2004, 10:03
Hey there Bob very nice indeed 8-)

You play clean very beautiful I saw two little moviesamples of you playing with your guitar lying with the back on your knees that Robbert ( also a monster player ) had send me.Totaly cool :razz:

I like the beginning the most .The way you play the backing cords is realy original like that a lot. :-D

One question how did you record the solo ??

Well see yah and best regards to you


6 november 2004, 15:37
A little supplement to the explaination of mister Shakeel.
As you already know, the winner gets a POD XT
( i hope it's not a problem to get that thing to Austria if you should win )
And the first 3 pieces ( i think ) get written feedback from mister Paul G.

Owyeah, tell us what's being said on the end of your piece :)

(who hasn't got any excuse for the bad English :p )

6 november 2004, 17:55
Post by Bob, misplaced in a new topic

wass up(B)Rambo ;-)

lol, 2 be honest i got no clue what the guyīs saying.
i already posted the track at www.vai.com saying:

"if u r from india please write me and tell me what the :evil: the guy is saying on that sample"

...the funny thing though is that these indian words kinda make sense in german also...u guys for sure know mr."bosch" here...his name(u guys know) is wouter...so compared to this example:

wouter....in english: would hair...or wood air :roll:

itīs the same with that indian sample and german and if u speak german and listen to it he is saying something about "balls in the desert"

well and i already had the title "BallsChillBird" so it happened naturally ;-)

looking forward what else will be posted here on the dutch forum,
u guys 4 sure know u rock !!!

noeken in de koeken,


7 november 2004, 16:25
Rock 'n Roll 8-)

This rocks :)